We specialise in designing, printing and producing all types of collateral items used in resorts from letterheads to luggage tags to envelopes and business cards. We possess a wealth of knowledge in this area and have been producing these items for the past several years for prestigious resorts.


Restaurant Menus

We create and produce high quality and durable restaurant menus as per our customers' requirements to match the restaurant's style and ambiance with materials such as cloth, printed and laminated special paper, perspex, wood and many varieties of eco friendly natural materials like tree bark, leaves, flowers etc..


Books & Magazines

We design, print and produce all types of books ranging from coffee table books to employee handbooks, monthly magazines, corporate profiles and product brochures to suite all our customers' requirements. We also do only print and production for items already designed and held by our customers.


Polo Shirts & Caps

We produce high quality Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Linen Shirts and Caps custom made with logos and branding to specific requirements of the customer using the finest material.



We produce high quality and durable folders to help display your items in Spas, Shops and basically any other product sales and promotion area. These are all custom made using cloth, printed and laminated paper, perspex, wood and many varieties of eco friendly natural material.


Bags & Others

We produce high quality and durable bags custom made to your requirements using many varieties of Paper and eco friendly natural handmade papers as well. We also source and supply a wide range of miscellanies items like pens, pencils, cups, food containers and resort signs to customer specifications.


Designing & Formatting

We at Copyline International undertake designing and formatting services for all your products, from the initial design concept to writing and editing, photography, photo editing, colour correction, layout and formatting.


With the years of knowledge we have gathered in printing resort collateral for top international resorts, we effortlessly meet all our customers’ needs by providing a personal service and by always paying every attention to detail.


Delivery is done using our network of experienced freight forwarders who have been working with us for many years in order to deliver your product, sorted, labeled and custom packed to your needs, to any part of the world at very cost effective rates.